AutoTech Sweden - 20V Whiteblock Steel Beehive Valve Spring Set

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Brought to you by AutoTech MotorSports Sweden this set of 20 valve springs provide the highest performance and reliability for the price.

They are manufactured using a proprietry blend of steel.

I personally stand by these valve springs and have used them on my race engines up to 8500 rpm with hydrulic lifters and solid and 11mm lift cams. I have never experienced valve float or broken one of these springs.

On engines in Sweden, they have been used to 1300hp and 11000 rpm with no valve float at all!!

NOTE: Cylinder heads with 7mm valve stems (93-98 N head) must order 20 x (Volvo PN 9207901) valve spring retainers. Heads with 6mm valve stems can use the stock retainers. For both 6mm & 7mm valves the stock keepers can be used.

NOTE: This item has to be ordered from the manufacture. It may take 2-3 days before they ship to you.

Max Valve Lift: 12mm

Max Engine RPM:

  • 8500 rpm (7mm valve stem hydrualic lifters)
  • 11000 rpm (7mm valve stem solid lifters)
  • 11000 (6mm valve stem solid lifters)

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