Tarantula Volvo Whiteblock 5-Cylinder Exhaust Manifold

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By the community, for the community: Atze Epic (Facebook) & Chris Boost (Facebook)

Handmade in Germany! These are made on a per order basis and not normally stocked (expect 4-6 weeks for delivery).


  • Materials:
    • 1.451 stainless steel (AISI 321) piping
    • Mild steel flange
    • Back purge welded
  • Dimensions:
    • 42.2mm (1.25" nominal) OD piping
    • 2.6mm (0.1") wall thickness
  • T3 flange, internal wastegate
    • T4, VBAND avaliable (as option)
    • External wastegate avaliable (as option)
  • Equal length design


  • Clears angle gear on AWD vehicles, even with EFR 8374 turbos
  • Stock K24 main water pipe can be used
  • Stock oil drain location in block can be used with most turbos

Note: This is a high performance custom part that has to compromise for very big turbos, AWD, runner length and universal use – so there are a few things to be taken care of as note below...

Installation Recommendations:

  1. Large / heavy turbos should be supported by additional bracing / turbo hangers
  2. Rear gearbox mount might have to be clearanced depending on turbo selection
  3. P2 vehicles need to re-route AC lines on the firewall
  4. P2 vehicles should replace stock firewall head shield with thinner material
  5. Some cylinder heads need to be clearanced slightly for the cyl. 5 pipe
  6. P2 cars have very tight clearance to firewall, we recommend using stiffer engine mounts to compromise for engine movement (and solid strutbar mounts). Spacing the rear gearbox mount improves clearance
  7. P80 cars might need heat shielding on the passenger side brakeline (alternatively rerouting)
  8. Wastegate actuator bracket might need modification to clear firewall with some turbos


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