VolSquirt M4.3/4.4 Plug N Play Standalone ECU

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The Hell Moose Performance LLC VolSquirt ECU is for all 94-98 850, 98 S70 & V70 and 96-98 960 & S90 & V90. This ECU is based on Megasquirt 3 Pro, which is a proven, well adopted and well supported aftermarket engine management solution. Our ECU uses a Megasquirt 3 Pro Daughter board and a custom designed motherboard to adapt all OEM system functionality and make the system fully plug and play. The ECU uses the stock connector and case so that one doesn’t have to do extensive wiring modification (or design a completely new harness) in order to adapt the power of an aftermarket engine management system. It provides a vaccum port for it's built in MAP sensor a USB B connector for communication with TunerStudio and a 24 pin and 12 in external connector for additional functions further described in the manual.

Simply remove your old ECU, install this new one, wire in a GM IAT into your cold side IC piping and wire a analog signal from your wideband and you're ready to go!

The ECU also includes a turn key base tune with everything fully configured to get you up and going as quickly as possible. It is the customers responsiblity to tune the system themselves or find a tuner. We do not offer any remote or local tuning.

This ecu is used on my 800hp Volvo 850 T-5R as well as other big turbo cars!

This item ships in 3-4 business days as we don't current stock the MS3-PRO daughterboards the system relies on.

Hardware Features:

  • MS3-Pro Daughter Board (full sequential injection, cop, etc.)
  • Retains stock M4.3/4.4 ECU Connector & Case & FULL OEM COMPATIBILITY
  • Compatible with Auto & Manual gearboxes
  • Onboard MCU with custom firmware and CAN interface to provide OEM features that MS3-Pro cannot run such as:
    • Drive Stock Tachometer
    • Drive Stock Coolant Temperature Gauge
    • Drive Stock Trip Computer (MPG)
    • Drive Stock Fuel Pump Relay
    • Drive Automatic Transmission Computer (except torque converter lockup)
    • Drive Check Engine Light
    • 10 Extra ADC Channels
  • 4 Bar onboard Map Sensor
  • 4 Bar onboard Barometric Pressure Sensor
  • Resistance based IAT input (recommended GM IAT Sensor – sold separately)
  • 0-5V Wideband Input (wideband not included)
  • Coil on plug or OEM distributor
  • Compatible with all OEM sensors & actuators (crank, cam, throttle, coolant, idle air, boost solenoid, etc.)
  • Main power relay control
  • Full Idle Air Control
  • AC Control with idle compensation
  • Knock Sensor Control with per cylinder detection and correction
  • Loads of safety features (AFR warn and cut, EGT warn and cut, over boost, oil pressure, etc.)
  • True Dual VVT Control (Using ME7 cam sensor)
  • Vehicle Speed Sensing front wheels (additional rear wheel input, requires external VR conditioner)
  • Staged injection (additional set of injectors for batch fire mode above certain load / rpm)
  • Flex fuel
  • Water Methanol Injection
  • 2 High current Outputs (5A) for use with solenoids such as VVT
  • 2 Medium current outputs (3A) for use with injectors such as staged injection
  • CAN network expandable for extra IO / digital dashboards or gauge clusters, individual AFR or EGT, etc.
  • USB-B Connection
  • 24 Pin External Connector
    • 10 extra ADC's
    • VVT
    • Staged injection
    • Flex fuel
    • Spare speed sensor input
    • Spare 5V digital IO
    • 2nd CAM sensor input
    • CAN H & L for external devices
  • 12 Pin External Connector
    • COP
    • O2
    • IAT
    • Knock output (for use with external headphones if needed)

What’s Included?

  • VolSquirt ECU (with turn key base tune)
  • 3M USB Cable
  • 15 Molex pre-crimped leads for Molex connectors
  • Molex 24 pin connector
  • Molex 12 pin connector

What needs to be purchased separately...

  • Wideband kit with 0-5V analog output (recommended AEM X-Series)
  • IAT Sensor (recommended GM 25036751)
  • Tuning service (if you don't plan on tuning yourself)
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